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To Always Cause Joy!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Very early in my development, we were always taught to never cause harm with our messaging. Never leave your client with uneasy feelings, or simply, just don't make anybody cry - unless it's tears of joy or relief. Sounds like this is very common sense.

If you have ever heard of or listened to Abraham/Ester Hicks, you will understand how we are to learn to act, speak, and think down stream. Downstream thinking is to remove your negativity towards thoughts and actions to create what you really want within yourself, especially with ongoing manifestations. Very powerful tools are given in an almost seamless way. Through thier teachings, we learn to change our wording to stay in downstream.

Sometime this year, I had found myself in an emotional situation that involved someone's hurt feelings.

As I was driving one day, I found myself repeating over and over, "Do Not Cause Harm". Although that sounds good, I couldn't help notice the negative wording. It had good intention, but didn't seem very uplifting - or downstream - or high vibrational. Then, I went in to the whole "what would Ester say", lol. After trying different combinations, this beautiful phrase came to me, "Cause Joy".

Cause Joy! How simple is that! It really was a Wow moment for me, and still continues.

As we interact with our fellow humans, during mediumship, or out grocery shopping, before we react; stop and consider, are our words, are our actions about to Cause Joy?

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