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Hello, and Welcome!! I am so grateful that you landed on my webpage today.  I believe that you have arrived here by no coincidence. 

My “calling” has always been to aid you with valuable psychic guidance and mediumship to assist in the grief process. I love providing hope, validation, comfort, and healing through one-on-one private readings. Losing my husband in 2020, I would have done just about anything for 15 more minutes more with him, and I am sure you feel the same.

A Little More About Me:

My gifts include the ability to feel, see and hear Spirit.  When receiving, I get messages through Angel Cards, Tarot Cards, Face Shifting, and Intuition.

Each one of our paths is so unique and wonderful. My path has been an incredible adventure that has brought me to this point in time. So, as I start this wonderful journey with you, know that we will always bring in the profound energy of love, as well as ending in love.


Together, we will create a beautiful circle of love and to always … Cause Joy!

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"Christine did a reading that was precise...

Christine did a reading that was precise, accurate and informative.  She is truly one of the most gifted spiritual healers I have ever met.  She gave me messages from loved ones, that she couldn’t have generalized, and clear direction and wisdom. 


- Robin

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