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Christine Mattingly
"Cause Joy"
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A Leading California

Spiritual Medium, Psychic & Card Reader

Christine is a beautiful Psychic and Spiritual Medium who can bridge the physical world and the spiritual world to engage in communication with Spirit.​

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Services Provided  

About Her Mediumship: 

When our loved ones pass over, the sense of loss can be indescribable. However, our loved ones are still very much with us. Christine understands the grief from losing her husband in 2020. However, she strongly believes that only the body dies, and the soul lives on. Our loved ones are always eager to communicate with us. If you have lost someone, Christine invites you to join her in communicating with Spirit, allowing you to “Cause Joy.”


About Her Psychic & Card Reads: 

When you schedule your psychic reading with Christine, she will connect to your energy so that you receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers every aspect of your life that you need guidance.

"Christine was great...

 She was in tune with what was going on in my life and very intuitive about my emotional state and needs. The steps she gave me to take to heal from the situation I was struggling with have empowered me to move on with my life and identify some of my own gifts. Having spoken with her and received her readings has changed my life for the better. 

- Heather M. - Kentucky

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